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School Based Grief Program 


When Grief Comes to School

How Can We Help You?


  • Oldest bereavement program for children and families in the area (CHANGES)
  • Faculty and staff training and development programs including, "What to Do When Grief Comes to School"
  • Counseling, consultation and coaching when you are working with a grieving child or teen
  • Classroom visit after a child, parent, or faculty death
  • School-based bereavement support groups
  • Referrals to other agencies as needed
If you are a School Counselor, Psychologist or Administration and would like more details on how Pathways can be of service to your staff, children, and families please give us a call at the office.  We have a School Resource book we can forward that will give you information on grief as well as the ways Pathways can help.
"Pathways support during a challenging time was essential to our school. 
Offering the services on campus made it accessible for our students. 
Knowing that these is an agency that is an expert on the
topic and can support students made it more manageable.   
Thank you Pathways for your support!"
Millikan High School - Social Worker 
Pathways pulled out students to give them time to process their grief.
The students grew to build relationships with each other as well as the facilitators.  
Addams Elementary- School Counselor 
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