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Hospice Care

Our at-home hospice program provides support and guidance for terminally ill patients over 18,  as well as their families, so that each patient can live as fully and comfortably as possible.



Hospice is about living life to the fullest… and about living until you die. Too often, the clients we see are struggling with managed healthcare systems and restrictive HMOs leaving them marooned on an island in a sea of red tape. They are tired, they are weary and they need help. Pathways helps patients make the end of life as meaningful and precious as the beginning.



When cure is no longer an option for a person living with a terminal illness, the Pathways Hospice Care program provides compassionate support for patients and their family members. For family members, taking care of a dying loved one at home can be both scary and overwhelming. Pathways volunteers, working together with the hospice’s interdisciplinary healthcare team, are ready to step in and offer comfort and companionship to these families. They read books, listen to stories, and run errands — all to help patients live fully and cherish their last moments in life with the people they love. And, as the patient’s advocates, Pathways steps in to provide a road map for families, showing them how to deal with doctors and talk to friends.


CONTACT US to request our services or to learn more about our programs.

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