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Have a Heart Campaign

Every February we partner with local eateries to help raise awareness of the programs offered by Pathways and to encourage donations.


This year we hosted our first "Have A Heart Gala"...a non-event and it was a great success!  We mailed out formal invitations and invited our guests to forego the event and send the money they would spend to attend the event, instead directly to Pathways!  


We also made a new friend with Dominos Pizza!  They invited us to create our own "Perfect Combo" and we would receive $2 for every combo sold.  They also gave out flyers on every box of pizza helping us spread the word about Pathways!


Store 7813              5538 Del Amo Blvd,                  Lakewood              562/804-4637

Store 7826             9353 Alondra Blvd.                   Bellflower              562/920-8353

Store 7771               5685 N. Paramount Blvd.        Long Beach           562/270-7055

Store 8118              393 Redondo Blvd.                   Long Beach           562/434-9971

Store 7353             1158 E. 7th St.                            Long Beach           562/437-4868

Store 7888             4227 Atlantic Ave.                     Long Beach           562/492-1323

Store 7745             2221 Palo Verde Ave.                Long Beach           562/594-4506

Store 8284            501 W. Willow Ave.                   Long Beach           562/427-6612

Store 7807            15500 Paramount Blvd.           Paramount            562/908-1531

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