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Grief is like a wave on the beach—it comes and goes with the changing tide. Sometimes the swells are so high you

can hardly keep afloat. Other times, the undertow will knock you off your feet no matter how hard you fight it. With

help from those who understand, each new day gets you closer to the new “normal” you are trying to adjust your life

to. Pathways' provides a variety of bereavement services to you and your community. 


Currently, our groups are being held online due to COVID-19, but we hope to return in person shortly!  Here are the

groups we serve at this time:


Families - Our Changes program is an 8-week session for families suffering a loss.  They each meet in their own age

group (age 5+) and discuss a common topic.  Parents are able to not only process their grief but learn how to help

their kids move through theirs. Click Here for more details.


Adults - We have Widow's Support Groups that are on-going and  Journey's, an 8-week session for adults suffering a

loss of someone in their life.  Click Here for more details.


Widows - We offer an ongoing Widows Support Group on Tuesday afternoons.



Office Hours


Monday-Friday 9:00 - 5:00 p.m.





4645 Woodruff Road

Lakewood, CA  90713


(562) 531-3031

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