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Changes Family Program



Since 1991, Pathways has provided CHANGES, a unique grief support program designed specifically for children, teens, their families, and education professionals. CHANGES combines a unique team of grief professionals and volunteers to help children and teens realize that there experiences are normal.


The most important value of CHANGES is that you and your family learn you are not alone. Real community develops with the other families and with the CHANGES volunteers who lead our groups. Using art, games, storytelling, activities, writing, and talking, families learn how to manage grief.



CHANGES brings together a unique team of grief professionals and volunteers to help children and adolescents realize they are not alone in grief and that their experiences are normal. Pathways’ bereavement team uses a diversity of activities designed to meet the specific needs and abilities of each group for a  7-week session.

  • Children meet age-appropriate groups while their parent or caregiver meets concurrently. This gives the adults the opportunity to talk about their own grief and the behaviors and attitudes of their children. Together, they often find a common bond in their shared losses and discover practical tools and resources for dealing with their own grief while understanding and helping their children.
  • During the 7-week program, varieties of activities are used, including arts, crafts, storytelling, and discussion to help them develop life-skills for managing


New groups are held in the fall, winter,  and spring every year on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:15 p.m.     We are collecting names for future Groups


                     Contact the office for more details.


Because Pathways is a community-supported agency, our services are completely FREE of charge.  CONTACT US to join our support group or for further information.



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